Consulting Services For Leadership Development, Organization Development, and Diversity and Inclusion

I provide consulting services for Leadership Development, Organization Development, and Diversity and inclusion through my firm, Brazzel Associates… collaboration with a network of skilled and experienced consultants and coaches. My overall approach to consulting is described in my co-edited book, NTL Handbook for Organization Development and Change: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives.

My consulting clients include government, business, education, health-care, and non-profit organizations. Consulting services are customized and tailored to address the client’s particular leadership, organization, and diversity challenges and needs. In collaboration with the client, we plan, develop, improve, and reinforce the strategies, structures, and processes required for leadership and organization effectiveness and a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We use the following methods and approaches:

  • Executive coaching.
  • Team development — Help teams work through stages of development so that they can function cohesively and productively; onsite and offsite team development sessions.
  • Strategic organizational change — Assist leaders to more effectively manage change by designing and implementing change strategies and supporting their understanding of the change process and their leadership roles; ongoing consultation and guidance through change processes.
  • Strategic planning — Guide leaders through a strategic planning and implementation process for the clarity, consensus and commitment needed to innovate, adapt, and transform.
  • Mission, vision, values: Clarify and enhance leader and organization mission, visions, and values.
  • Organization assessment — Gather information about the organization from its members, identify needed actions, and support agreement for implementation.
  • Leadership transition: Design and facilitate processes for effective transitions of individuals into new management and leadership positions.
  • Diversity and inclusion — Assess current diversity and inclusion culture and design strategies and approaches needed for an even more diverse and inclusive organization and culture.
  • Conflict mediation — Help individuals and groups who are divided by differences to hear one another and reach new levels of understanding and agreement.
  • Individual and group interviews, surveys, and focus groups.
  • Professional development of leaders, coaches, organization development and diversity practitioners.
  • Facilitation – Group meetings and board, leadership-team, and organization retreats and conferences.

For leadership development, we use the Leadership Circle Profile™ and the Leadership Culture Survey

  • The Leadership Circle Profile is the only 360 degree leadership competency assessment that provides feedback on leadership behavior and competencies; information about the underlying assumptions that result in patterns of leadership strengths and limitations, and their impacts on leadership effectiveness. The Leadership Circle Profile integrates the leading research from the fields of Leadership, Psychology, and Adult Development and is thoroughly and independently validated.
  • The Leadership Culture Survey is an assessment that measures the overall health and effectiveness of leadership in a leadership team or the entire organization. The Leadership Culture Survey measures how people view their current leadership culture and compares the current culture and their desired culture. It also measures how the leadership culture compares to that of other organizations.